Director’s Welcome

Amy WinterWelcome to the Godwin-Ternbach Museum on-line. Here you will find easy access to information about the Museum like current, past and upcoming exhibitions; public programs, educational programs, and more. Soon we will launch an e-newsletter to keep our audiences and friends up-to-date on the Museum’s activities, collections.

With each exhibition, we continue the tradition of honoring and interpreting these cultural treasures, given by one generation to another to learn, enlighten, and enjoy. All our exhibitions offer an array of lectures, gallery talks, films, family and children workshops, concerts, and tours, often collaborating with academic departments and centers, to tap the rich resources of Queens College. With each passing semester, we have grown and increased our outreach to the residents of Queens and the neighboring metropolitan areas. This past year we proudly became part of the new Kupferberg Center for the Arts, which has joined together all the arts on campus to enlarge our presence and enhance our offerings in collaborations of visual, performance, and dance and theater arts.

To the many members and friends who have supported and sustained us, we offer our deepest thanks. To the many who visit and participate in our exhibitions and programs, we thank you for your involvement and enthusiasm. For those who have not yet discovered the treasures hidden behind our walls, we invite you to explore and experience our world of art and culture. To everyone, we promise to continue to offer thought-provoking, diverse, and beautiful exhibitions. But to do so means we need you—as audience, members, donors, volunteers, interns—in whatever manner suits your interests and needs. Join us now and share the pleasure and satisfaction of helping us grow and flourish.