Film Series

Free Screening of My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes
Monday, May 2, 12:15 PM

The documentary film, My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes, is directed by Oscar-nominee Oren Jacoby and narrated by actress Isabella Rossellini. It tells the story of Italians, including Roman Catholic priests, who risked their lives to hide Jews from Nazi troops after the German occupation of Italy in 1943.

Aparajito for websiteWith the Annemarie Schwarzenbach exhibition, the Museum inaugurated a film program, in which both documentary and feature-length films provide another medium and point of view related to an artist’s biography, working process, artworks, and the content and themes of an exhibition. Additional film series were presented in conjunction with exhibitions such as Biala: Vision and Memory, Re-Forming the Image: Northern Europe in the Dutch Golden Age, Posters as History.  Additionally, the Museum has partnered with the Year of Initiatives on campus to present the Year of India and Year of South Africa film series.  An introduction and commentary by critics and scholars of media studies often accompanies the films.

All programs described on our website are free of charge and open to the public unless otherwise noted.